Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ian McAndrew
Capitol Technology University, USA

Biography: Professor Ian R. McAndrew FRAeS is a very highly qualified academic with extensive experiences within industry and internationally recognised researcher with extensive teaching experience at all levels of education. Conference and Journal publication of 80 over 32 years, six books and numerous Keynote presentations around the world. Has supervised 156 students to their doctoral completion in USA, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Kenya and South Africa. Extensive consultancy experience internationally for multi-nations and organisations. Leading a global doctorate program of in excess of 400 students. As the Dean of Doctoral Programs at Capitol Technology University he is responsible for 38 different Doctoral Programs ranging from Cybersecurity, Analytics, Aviation, Aeronautical Science and Technology based.

Speech Title: Cyberpsychology in Engineering design and manufacturing - needs and risks

Abstract: Engineering, design and manufacturing have been constantly evolving over the last hundred years, and in the last 20 years have accelerated in the capability to technology and the Internet. It is now recognised universally. Critical infrastructure is need protecting and currently manufacturing and engineering are not part of the standard 16 classifications. This paper will present several research projects that have been looking at the risks of associated risks of ignoring the protection, and in particular how cyber psychology is now becoming a significant threat engineering and manufacturing the global and the implications of this threat need to be addressed, not only now retrospectively in some respects. It will argue that there is new and emerging throughout needs to be addressed at the beginning of every project.

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