Program at a Glance


This is a tentative program for reference only, program is subject to final confirmation.

Day 1, April 22, 2024




Conference Material Collection

Day 2, April 23, 2024




Opening Remarks



Keynote Speech I



Group Photo & Coffee Break



Keynote Speech II



Keynote Speech III






Parallel Sessions



Coffee Break



Parallel Sessions



Banquet Dinner

Day 3, April 24, 2024




Parallel Sessions

Academic Visit


Presentation Tips

Oral Presentation: Participants' presentations will be divided into different sessions based on the topics. Participants should find the right session room and be there at least 5 minutes earlier to copy his ppt/pdf presentation into the laptop and get ready. Then the session chair will start the session on time, and give a grade to each presentation, which should be within 15 minutes, including Q&A.

Poster Presentation: Presenting your work with a poster it will be your responsibility to produce the best possible forum for your research findings. It will be your responsibility to bring to the conference or make sure it is sent in advance with sufficient time to arrive. A prize for the best poster is something to strive to achieve and win and it is worth taking time to make yours stand out. A poster should be self‐contained and self‐explanatory to all readers, allowing your work and results to be clear. Do not clutter with unnecessary detail or fancy boarders. Presentations should be simple and clear and a combination of text and graphics suitable to the individual work is needed. An interesting poster is read with enthusiasm and a desire to know more. Too much color can be off putting and balance as needed. (More)


At least one author is required to register and attend the conference to present the paper. For safety consideration, please take good care of your belongings in the public places. Please bring your name badge for entering the conference hall. Please do not lend your name badge to people who are not involved with the conference. Please do not take irrelevant people to enter the conference rooms. The Organizers shall not be held responsibility for any loss of personal finance or belongings.

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