Keynote Speakers

Keynote speaker I:

Prof. Jianxun Jin, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

 In 1997, he became a researcher of the Australian Research Council's superconducting application project, engaged in high temperature superconductivity and its strong electric application research. In 2000, it became the main investigator of the Australian Research Council's superconducting application project and was responsible for the research of high-temperature superconducting industrialization and its power application technology in Australian superconductivity. Since 1991, has been engaged in high temperature superconductivity application research, is the first in Australia to engage in high-temperature superconducting strong power application and industrial development of the researchers, and in the field to make the international public contribution. Is the field of high-temperature superconducting "Wollongong" type high-temperature superconducting current limiter invention and original developers; also high temperature superconducting electronic resonator inventor. The main research areas include high temperature superconducting materials industrial preparation, high temperature superconducting strong electric wire and magnet technology, high temperature superconductivity testing technology and physical properties analysis, high temperature superconducting power system current limiter, energy storage, DC transmission, transformers and other electrical installations , High-temperature superconducting linear motor and motor control, and high-temperature superconducting electronic resonators and high gradient magnetic separation and other special strong electrical capacity, has received a number of Australian government and industrial research projects, the World Superconducting Conference Award; Such as Philosophical Magazine B, Physica C, IEEE Transactions, Superconductivity Science and Technology, Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, Physics B, JEEE, Europhysics News, Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetics, etc. published hundreds of professional paper.

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